Ideas That Require Force are Useless

Holy shit! Why the fuck do I still have to tell people this! You are adults, with responsibilities, who make decisions with fucking consequences!

Forcing someone to do something [or not to do something] because you disagree with them, regardless of how disrespectful or distasteful you think it is, is NOT FREEDOM.

There are only two ways you can compel a desired behavior from a person. Force, or Reason.

I can completely understand the desire to convince someone that what they are doing is offensive to you, and why it should be offensive to them as well, or minimally why they should care that others find it to be in poor taste. You can send them photos and stories and jars of tears from all the people you believe them to be doing wrong, and at the end of the day if you convince them of your perceived error in their ways, good for you, all is well, and Freedom is at work. If after all this they are not convinced, and they decide to continue about their previous behavior, then as sad as you may find that situation to be, all is well and Freedom is at work [provided that the person is not physically preventing you from living your life the way you want or using Force to compel your behavior].

Having the government forcibly coerce someone into behaving/not behaving a certain way is Force, and ideas that require Force are USELESS, because if something was a good enough idea, Reason should be sufficient to convince a person to act on it. Force means that a person is acting in a way contrary to their own beliefs and against their will. Force when employed by the government in this way is Tyranny.

So, to the point at hand regarding all this NFL/Anthem shit people can’t stop arguing about;

If you want to be upset and hate a person for the way they choose to conduct themselves during these events, that is your prerogative. If you want to compel them to voluntarily change their behavior, by all means, make your case.

If you want to advocate the government make MANDATORY a specific way of conducting themselves during these events, or to force people to vacate their homes and be exiled from the country for not behaving a certain way, YOU ARE A BIGOT, AND A TYRANT, and furthermore you are HYPOCRITE for suggesting that people should be Forced to behave a certain way or else be kidnapped or uprooted, with your reason being that their behavior is offensive to those who died for their FREEDOM.

Perhaps more importantly, I would like to point out that it is preposterously presumptuous for you, a living person, to speak to me on behalf of a dead man and tell me why it is he made the decisions he made that led to his demise. However, if we are going to be so openly presumptuous as to assume that it was for Our Freedom, I would caution that Freedom includes a person’s right to do things that you may find disagreeable, or uncomfortable, or distasteful, so long as they are not using Force to compel YOUR behavior. I would be so audacious as to presume that, for a person who did in fact die for Our Freedom, that suggesting that any person be PHYSICALLY OPPRESSED for their views and expressions solely because you disagree with them would be the real slight to their memory.

Take a step back and realize what it is you are actually advocating.


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