You don’t change hearts and minds by shouting louder than people who you disagree with.
You only change hearts and minds by LISTENING and EXCHANGING IDEAS.

LISTENING means you hear, comprehend, understand, entertain, and respond directly to the ideas of another person.
LISTENING IS NOT simply waiting for your turn to speak.

If you truly want change, if you truly want people to accept your ideas and premises, it is IMPERATIVE that you LISTEN to people you disagree with.

Shouting them down will only harbor resentment, and make them MORE RESISTANT to your ideas. You are espousing equality while simultaneously attempting to stifle their free speech. It is divisive and harmful, and will only serve to make your alleged issues worse.

Sometimes it is hard to hear someone disagreeing with what you hold to be fundamental truths, but you cannot allow yourself to be so hurt and offended and upset that you try to force that person to stop talking or drown them out. There is no quicker way to piss someone off than to attempt to silence them. This is how extremists are born. If someone’s voice is not heard, then they will resort to other methods to get their message across.

You want less violence? You want social change? You want peace and harmony and understanding?


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