Cultural Appropriation

Historically speaking, improvements in the overall quality of life of human beings on earth have occurred by people incorporating the best parts of different societies, learning from others’ mistakes, and recreating and improving on successful ideas. 

While other things have gotten worse, those things were generally because some bad trait was recreated and pushed because it helped some individual or group to the detriment of others, but it would seem that humans on the whole have it easier than they did, say, 2000 years ago.

This means that from science and technology to methodology and beyond, the lives of humans have been improved by cultural appropriation. 

While many cultures find this flattering, some find it to be abhorrent, and I just can’t grasp that. Why wouldn’t you want the best things you’ve contributed to the world to be more widely appreciated? 

That’s like a famous band putting out a greatest hits CD and then being offended when people buy it.

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