I’m back!

Damn, been a long time since my site has been up, and a lot has happened since then.I’ll try and be more active, not that I have many visitors. Don’t be a stranger!

Cultural Appropriation

Historically speaking, improvements in the overall quality of life of human beings on earth have occurred by people incorporating the best parts of different societies, learning from others’ mistakes, and recreating and improving on successful […] Read More


You don’t change hearts and minds by shouting louder than people who you disagree with. You only change hearts and minds by LISTENING and EXCHANGING IDEAS. LISTENING means you hear, comprehend, understand, entertain, and respond […] Read More

Jitsi Meet /w Call-In and Active Directory

Overview Jitsi Meet is a video conferencing service that allows users to spin up video conference rooms instantly, which include screen sharing and the ability to call-in from a phone. This document will explain how […] Read More

Ideas That Require Force are Useless

Holy shit! Why the fuck do I still have to tell people this! You are adults, with responsibilities, who make decisions with fucking consequences! Forcing someone to do something [or not to do something] because […] Read More

Setup a Fresh Apache Server on CentOS 7 with SSL from LetsEncrypt

Install Apache, mod_ssl, nano, php, java, mlocate, certbot yum -y install httpd mod_ssl nano php java mlocate certbot updatedb Configure Apache to Launch on Boot systemctl enable httpd Keep Copy of Clean Apache Config cd […] Read More